Singing Waiters Myth Busting

Get the inside knowledge on the perfect singing waiters for your special event!

The idea of singing waiters and surprise shows at a wedding or corporate event has become very popular over the past few years and for every fantastic group there is probably half a dozen 'not very good' providers.

So how do you separate good from not so good and how can you be sure what you’re being sold is the genuine article? Read on and we’ll try and dispel some of the biggest myths and falsehoods about singing waiters

'I love the idea but it’s too expensive'

We do hear this a lot and although there is not a set price for singing waiters, the same can be said of any supplier, from photographers to florists, hair and make-up to dresses, they all differ from company to company.

What it comes down to is what you put value to, there will always be someone who is willing to do it cheaper but is that what you really want for the biggest day of your life?

Remember, singing waiters and surprise shows are not background acts, they are front and centre at your event so we recommend you choose carefully!

'Our venue has said we won’t have time'

We love the venues we get to perform in and have met some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet on our travels.

A venue is focused very clearly on their part of the day, (the same as any supplier) and they want to ensure that you are completely happy – and so are we!

We are all on the same side, we are all working towards one common goal - to ensure you have the best possible experience and one of the best days of your life. We work very closely with every venue in order to fit in with the events proceedings and while our clients are our prime focal point, we always ensure that we liaise seamlessly with every venue to ensure the perfect performance.

So, while our involvement at any event will always add time to the day, your focus should be on enjoying yourself, not being a slave to time!

'Aren't singing waiters are all the same?'

This one is very important to us and we feel very strongly about this statement because nothing could be further from the truth!

For example, if you went to buy a car, a Rolls Royce and a Lada are both similar in the sense that they have four wheels, seats, doors and a steering wheel, they’ll both get you from A to B but that is pretty much where the similarities end!

The same can be said with singing waiters, when a certain idea becomes popular, you are bound to get people jumping on the band wagon, ‘oh we just drop a plate and start singing’ This is obviously a slight frustration and we find ourselves being imitated quite regularly.

This is one of the reasons we decided to branch out and theme some of the shows we perform, because that is exactly the point, we perform a show, not just a singer knocking out a few songs!

We have structure and a little bit of theatre! So, while every show is bespoke and you can throw in almost countless options, the core of what we do is to provide a performance worthy of your event, no amateur dramatics, no uncomfortable moments, no fights and arguments. We dislike anything that is a negative, we only think and perform positively!

'Only ‘West End’ performers can do it'

Another phrase we hear a lot is that a company may use ‘West-End performers’ or ‘West End trained’ or ‘only West End theatre performers can do it.

Our reply is simple, what does ‘being a performer in the West End’ have to do with a wedding or corporate event?

Now don’t get us wrong, we love West End performers, we have an Olivier Award winner in our stable of artistes, we also have Britain’s Got Talent finalists, Cruise Ship performers, Comedy and Music acts, Tribute Acts, in fact every type of performer you could think of, our artistes have to be every bit as diverse as our client’s needs but remember, it takes more than just a sound bite to make a good singing waiter performance.

One of our biggest bugbears is when a company promises you high quality experienced singing waiters and send a couple of 'students' along to the biggest day of your life and charge you a premium for it!

The truth is all of our performers are carefully chosen for their ability not only to sing and entertain but their abilities off stage as well, they have to be great all-rounders, there are elements of acting and comedy during each of the shows.

Over the years we have found It’s the simple things, punctuality and reliability are incredibly important, it’s no use having the world's greatest singer at your event if they don’t actually turn up!

The main point is probably the understanding that the show is not about us, it's about you. You and your guests are our main concern, we want you to have the most memorable experience ever and we will work tirelessly to help create scenarios and moments that you will never forget.

Singing waiters only perform opera and classical songs

While it is true, we do have some very fine operatic and classically trained performers in our ranks, the event we are performing at is your event and our goal is to help create a fantastic surprise and performance for you and your guests. So, the short answer is you can have almost anything you like!

Each show has its own individual theme or quirk, the Elite Singing Waiters are our standard singing waiter show and it includes some of the best songs ever written, anthems and ‘sing-a-longs’ that you know and love and while there is structure to every show, it should always be as individual as our clients.

That’s why we have the themed shows, The Greatest Waiters are based around the smash hit movie but it is something a little more bespoke rather than being a direct copy and has some of the re-imagined songs included. It also can be tailored to meet your requirements, so if you would like some Disney songs or show tunes or pop, anthems and much more, this is the (Greatest) show for you!

Our Singing Toastmasters are hilarious and will light up any event with a selection of music that will raise the roof but prior to the shows start, you will have a superb Toastmaster who will carry out all the usual duties of a regular Toastmaster – it's like a 2 for 1! The best of both worlds, a Toastmaster and singing waiter show combined!

Perhaps you like the idea of something completely unique, our Waiters Unplugged show will bring the house down like no other show – its singing waiters as you never seen them before – as a live band!

Or, if you would like some classical or operatic numbers for your special event, we can cater for that too. Opus Singing Waiters are perfect for classical crossover, musical theatre and operatic songs that will leave your audience breathless.

Whatever your taste we have something that will be the perfect choice for your big day.

I should have a certain number of Singing Waiters at my event

There is no real limit on the number of singing waiters you can hire for your event, the most popular number is 2 performers but we regularly supply solos and trios. The choice is yours! Our current record is six but there is no upper limit, it’s your event and we are there to help make it extra special.

The number of performers often comes down to the size of the audience, if there are several hundred people at a corporate or large wedding, we would often recommend 3 or more. While an intimate performance may be fine to have just one singing waiter. We like to have 2 or more as the banter and humour is really evident and performers can bounce of one another as well as the audience.

We will discuss your requirements when making a booking to ensure everything about your event is perfect.

OK, so what’s next?

Whatever your event or requirements, we encourage you to speak to us first and let us help guide you through the whole process. With over 20 years of experience in the industry at countless events all over the world, we are uniquely placed to offer advice that you just won’t get anywhere else.

We understand how important our client’s special days are, we know the time, effort and resources that are put into every event. That’s why we are available anytime to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

So, no matter if you are planning a wedding in the North West, an anniversary in Yorkshire, a birthday party in the Midlands, a retirement in Wales, corporate event in Scotland or Christmas party in London, whatever your special day, wherever you are located, we will be more than happy to help and advise you.

With Surprise Shows, it’s More Than Just Music.