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The essence of any event is to celebrate and make memories, at Surprise Shows, we believe in doing things differently and ensuring that your big day is memorable for all the right reasons.

We are passionate about what we do and understand how personal each and every special occasion is. That’s why we have bespoke shows and solutions to reflect the individuality of every client.

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How it works

For your tailored quote, we just need some specifics, such as your full name and contact, the date, the venue, the type of event you are having and we’ll do the rest

Choose Your show & Package

Everything we have done is with the intention to make the whole booking process as simple as possible so all you have to do is decide which package you would like to go with!

The Paperwork

Once you have selected your preferred package, all paperwork is issued for you to digitally sign, we are on hand to assist but it’s an incredibly simple process!

Get ready to celebrate in style

After you have said ‘I Do’ and signed the register, the essence of any wedding is to celebrate and make memories with your favourite people, we’re there to make what is already going to be a fantastic day even better!

We know that this special event could well be the biggest day of your life and we give it the respect it deserves. We are there to make an amazing even better, we are the icing on the cake and crucially, the main thing that most performers lose sight of is the fact that this event is not about us.

It’s all about you.


Yes, please do let them know about your intentions to have us perform for you, they may have limitations or restrictions that we need to know about.

Yes absolutely, as well as contacting you prior to the date, we also call the venues to discuss logistics with your wedding coordinator, this is also when we sort out fine details and pass on any information that they may require from us, such as PAT & PLI documents.

Our show works best when we have a ’captive’ audience, so the best time for us to start is essentially as the last plate of dessert is served, (or equivalent). You will need to decide when you would like your speeches to happen but we can discuss this in more detail when we speak on the phone.

We like to keep things simple and always positive, so we begin by raising a toast to the bride and groom ‘on behalf of all the staff who have served you today’ it then proceeds from there. We do not do any falling over, arguments or amateur dramatics!

The performance times are very flexible, whenever performing at a wedding or corporate event there are lots of things going on and often, we have to fit within certain sections of the day, this is no problem for us and will always go out of our way to fit within your needs. This is the reason we say often say 'performance time of up to one hour' although we try not to put a specific timing or limit on things, the show really comes to life with the audience interaction (which is hard to put a time on), essentially, we are there for your event and will perform as long as we are needed!

No, not specifically, performances have a structure to it, the songs we perform are in the set to ‘do a job’ for us and gain a specific response, (We never sing songs just to ‘fill time’).

When it comes to getting an audience to participate in the show you have to sing songs they will know and love, we don’t sing songs for our own benefit, they have to really connect with an audience, if you perform something vague or too unusual, the audience will disengage – which we don’t want to happen, audience participation is very important!

Of course, there are always options when it comes to booking entertainment for your event, the essence of any wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate event or charity night is to celebrate and make memories!

You only need to look on the internet for a few minutes to see that there are many companies offering singing waiters but how can you tell you are booking the right ones for your event? Especially when you consider that;

  • There are many companies that are ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ they are constantly looking for trends they can replicate in order to make money.
  • There are companies that look big and have lots of adverts etc but the people who run them are not performers and have no real-world experience of an event from the view of the performer getting the best from an audience.
  • There are companies who think that an amazing event starts with them having a big argument or causing a huge commotion, alienating the audience and venue alike.
  • There are companies who charge a fortune and only pay their performers a third of the fee, taking the lions share for themselves!
  • There are companies who regularly advertise for literally anyone to cover their ‘singing waiter booking this weekend – no experience necessary!’ because they took the money without having confirmed availability of performers.
  • There are companies who are happy for their performers to just turn up and do whatever they like – ‘just drop a plate and start singing’
  • There are companies who offer so much bespoke flexibility to the client that the performer is given set lists the week of a booking and are forced to sing songs that they don’t know and have never performed before!
  • There are companies who insist on performing at a specific time (after main course) so they only do a quick 15 - 20 minutes so they can get off to another booking.
  • There are companies who think that the day is about them, bringing ‘diva’ behaviour and expecting everything to revolve around them.
  • There are companies who quote a fee and then ask for more money for PA hire, accommodation and travel expenses.
  • There are companies who aggressively market to you almost to the point of stalking!
  • There are companies who market their performers as ‘all West End trained’ but they have little details about experience of performing at a wedding or corporate event!

This list could go on and it may seem like we’re just being unkind to our competitors, however, these are actually things that we have seen and been told about people’s interaction and experience of ‘other companies’.

We have always had a clear vison of what we wanted to achieve with our business, from the ways and methods we market, to the straightforward and convenient booking process, the detailed interaction and communication in the run up to the event, the high standards on the day of the occasion, all with the goal of helping you to have the best day ever!

All of our performers are carefully vetted to ensure that they represent our vision and standards and we don’t accept just anybody. Being talented is only 50% of the job! The interaction with you and your guests is paramount, their punctuality, their appearance, the quality of their equipment is all incredibly important in creating those memories that will last a lifetime.

This depends on which show and package you choose, the essence of what you are trying to achieve is to celebrate and create lasting memories, to have an experience you and your guest will never forget and we are well aware that you have many options when choosing a surprise show for your big day. We understand that you want to be sure that you have made the right choice and can trust every supplier you hire.

Some things to bear in mind when booking is what you actually get for your investment,

We offer;

  • The most competitive pricing
  • Dedicated support and advice at each step of the process
  • Multiple options to suit every event and budget
  • Award Winning shows
  • Professional contracts and paperwork, freephone number and incredible client service
  • Highly rated and acknowledged within the industry
  • Bespoke performance options and themed shows

And remember, we do this full time. We are not a part-time group, we are constantly working on our content, methods and business in general to ensure we are meeting and surpassing the expectations of our clients and the extremely high standards we set ourselves.

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Create memories to last a lifetime

At Surprise Shows, we understand how important your big day is to you and how every choice
that you make is meaningful.

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