The UK's first Singing Waiter Band!

More Than Just Music.

If you've ever wondered what a surprise Singing Waiter show would be like if there was a live band, this is the show for you!

Using some of the industries leading technology, we have been able to create a custom built method for a band to 'unplug' while still being amplified!

This is not an acoustic show, this has all the elements of a Singing Waiter show and a live band combined. 

Create unforgettable memories and

celebrate your big day in style!

Created and managed by the award-winning team behind ‘The Sing Along Waiters’ This is more than just music.

Surprise Shows are able to connect with every generation, so let us help you celebrate your special occasions, with once in a lifetime moments created through laughter, fantastic vocals, harmonies and amazing client service.

Waiters Unplugged. Bring Music to Life.


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