I Love the idea of singing waiters but my friend had them at her wedding...

I want to be original

When planning your big day, it can be a minefield when picking the fine details, you may have attended many weddings in the past and seen great ideas that you’d love to have at your own wedding but feel you can’t because you want to be original and are worried what people may think.

Well, the devil is in the detail as they say, there is always lots of options for you to think about but wedding dresses are mostly white, wedding cars are swish, rings are shiny and flowers are pretty! The same can be said of Singing Waiters, however as with all suppliers that you may be considering, not all are created equal.

Every part of your day will be poured over, considered and discussed in great depth and while you are looking for suppliers with professionalism and quality, you are also looking for suppliers who are on your wavelength and who ‘get’ you. Some will be just perfect for your needs (and not just the content of their business). Others, you’ll give a wide berth as you’ll get a vibe you just don’t like (or a price that isn’t right!).

While we did not invent the concept of Singing Waiters, what we do is unique, we didn’t watch or see any other show prior to starting our own on purpose, this was done in order to have a completely fresh take on the genre. So although it is disheartening to see our shows imitated and copied, we look at the bigger picture, just like you could choose a pro photographer or someone who has gone and bought a camera from Argos or a caterer who can create and serve the finest foods or someone who can make some sandwiches. The Devil is in the detail! You won’t see any amateur dramatic falls, arguments or any other distasteful or unnecessary antics, our shows are hilariously fun with fantastic music and suitable for every audience member.

‘But my friend had singing waiters at her wedding’

We understand your need to be individual and every aspect of your day to follow suit, which is why we created more shows and options for you to consider (plus it makes it a little harder for others to just copy us!)

The Singing Toastmasters

Why not consider our ‘Singing Toastmasters’? Literally no one will see it coming, you have a top notch Toastmaster to see you through the day, fulfilling the duties of a ‘real’ Toastmaster and then with the addition of a second toastmaster and an hilarious reveal, they will take you on a journey and make your day one to remember!

The Greatest Waiters

Or perhaps you love musicals? Then take a look at our ‘Greatest Waiters’ Based on the smash hit movie, you have lots of options on this show and can even tailor it to meet your preference and taste. Like Disney songs too? No problem, Stage Musicals? Fine, Big anthemic sing-a-longs? We have every angle covered. It’s your big day and we are there to make it special for you.

Waiters Unplugged

Maybe you have a love of ‘Live’ instruments? Then take a look at our ‘Waiters Unplugged’ all the best bits of a Singing Waiter show and a Live Band rolled into one! This is not an acoustic show, it is fully amplified using some of the industry’s leading technology, its unlike anything you will have seen before and completely original.

What do I do next?

The only difficult thing you have to contend with when hiring a show from Surprise Shows is deciding what show you would like to hire! It’s not just about the performance itself either, the interaction before and after is also given our fullest consideration. The performances are more personal than hiring a singer or musician, we are in the heart of your event and that is why we have so many testimonials and positive feedback. We take all of the hassle out of booking with a simple step by step process that will make everything a breeze.

Surprise Shows are all about fun and celebrations, however, we take what we do very seriously, you get professional contracts, confirmations, receipts for all payments, a free phone number to contact us on and more. Plus, the expertise, guidance and knowledge from over 20 years in the business, we are on hand to make sure your day is extra special and remember, we do this full time and concentrate on this alone. Full time. No part timers trying to up sell you other items for your big day!

So, when you are looking for something extra special to make your day stand out and be the wedding to attend, contact us and let our friendly team guide you through the process, allow us to help you bring music to life and create memories that you will never forget.

Surprise Shows. It’s more than just music.